NYI Speaks Talk Show Series

Writer, director Naima Yetunde Ince, interviews 5 women. The discussion is centered around her new play, inspired by a conversation with her mother.  Conversations are so much better when they are openly raw. These women are bold, fierce, warriors and more. They are unique and beautiful and motivated by the yearn for more conversations that delve past the surface. Queens are born in many different shapes sizes and hues and they all speak the same human language. 

Cry, Pray and Put On Lipstick is the new full length stage play “NYI” is currently crafting. She discusses how rewarding and empowering the interviews have been in aiding the development of this phenomenal stage play centered around the lives of 4 women. She gives some insight into her writing process and journey as a writer director. 

The docuseries kicked off this past Sunday March 18, 2018. Tune in every Sunday for the next 4 weeks to hear the powerful discussions with host Naima Yetunde Ince.

Watch episode one, now on youtube and facebook. 



Tune in next Sunday March 25, 2018 for episode 2. 

N.Y.I Productions LLC film series number 2!

BTS Photos provided by: Partner,Photographer Cammel Hurse at N.Y.I Productions LLC and Cammel's Photography

Celeste Hinnant on the NYI Speaks Show-Ep.1

Celeste Hinnant on the NYI Speaks Show-Ep.1

Seema Kukreja on the NYI Speaks Show-Ep.2

Seema Kukreja on the NYI Speaks Show-Ep.2

Deloris Williams on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.3

Deloris Williams on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.3

NeTasha Miller on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.4

NeTasha Miller on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.4

Jeannine Sato on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.5

Jeannine Sato on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.5

Host, Writer, Director, CEO-Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths-NYI Speaks Series at N.Y.I Productions LLC

Host, Writer, Director, CEO-Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths-NYI Speaks Series at N.Y.I Productions LLC

Partner, Director of Photography, Editor-Quentin J. Hammonds at N.Y.I Productions LLC and QHFILMS

Partner, Director of Photography, Editor-Quentin J. Hammonds at N.Y.I Productions LLC and QHFILMS

Excerpt-Ghost Load Second Edition

Excerpt-Ghost Load Second Edition

Ghost Load-Second Edition. Pre-order your autographed copy today! 

"Often times we choke our existence from past experiences,

foreshadowing our future.

Premeditated expectations,

predetermined destinations off relinquished regrets..." 

Book 4 By: Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths 


A Little Holiday Drama Now AVAILABLE

Men Always Leave
Now Available! 

Men Always Leave-Pilot Ep.1-Maya's Secret

The heavily anticipated limited series drama; inspired by the book Men Always Leave is now available on youtube and facebook.

Facebook Fan Page-

Youtube: https://youtu.be/b5z4JvCIDKM

Introducing the ensemble cast!
Starring Tiffany Hayes
Starring Celeste Hinnant
Starring Chanda Branch
Starring Seth Schenall from-season two of Donald Glover's Atlanta
Starring JaJuan Cofield
Starring Joshua Henderson
Starring Naima Yetunde Ince

December 14, 2017 N.Y.I Productions & QHFILMS Collaborated with Royal Cheesecakes and Varieties for the Dessert and Wine Preview Screening of the pilot ep.1-Maya's Secret. 

New Limited Series Drama

N.Y.I Productions- Film, Theater & Entertainment LLC


Men Always Leave Trailer

Limited-Series Drama. The pilot episode: A young woman is harboring an unspeakable secret, she does her best to keep it that way. Her first love is keeping secrets of his own which becomes a threat to their future.

N.Y.I Productions entertainment company, taking strides at producing its first limited series. The series evolved from an original published one act stage play to a 13 episode              limited-series, production continues with our partners Qhfilms & Cammel's Photography. 
Introducing Men Always Leave a Limited-Series Drama-Pilot set for it's world premier December 22, 2017. 

Stay tuned to follow the productions progress and NYI's latest developments. 


Open Mic-Featured Reader: SO&SO Books

Open Mic Night
Wednesday, October 18, 6:30-8:30pm

Bring poems, stories, or essays! Sign-up for the 12, 5-minute slots starting at 6:30. Social hour will follow across the street at The Station.

Our featured reader this month is Naima Yetunde Ince.

So & So Bookstore: 704 N Person St, Raleigh, NC 27604

Come sign up to share at the open mic! I am looking forward to sharing some poetry with you from my newest book "Ghost Load" a collection of poetry. 

A Tribute to Queen Rubie Parker

This was written in celebration of my Great Auntie Rubie Parker. This pass Friday she has transition to be with the Almighty God. This past April she celebrated 90 years of Life. Here is how I expressed a true tribute to her and her life. She meant the world to our family. 

Enjoy reading this poem by me, which best describes how truly special and dynamic she truly was. 

Celebrating Your 90 Years

90 years of Grace

The most beautiful way

This word holds Power

Coupled with dignified

The four words combined,

Powerful, graceful, dignified woman

Is the best way to identify-

The matriarch of Our family. Rubie Parker.

Rubie with an I.E “not” to be mistaken for y

There is no “why” to be described

Your greatness,

Your value to-this realm of life.

You have blessed many,

Loved by all, humbled by your journey.

I am honored to be amongst your blood

We all gather here, on this day to celebrate

Your life, and honor your name, you are surrounded

By the power, your grace introduced to the very fabric

Of spanning generations, we call you

momma, sister, auntie, friend, wife and-

many other hats you wear to match-

your reflective choice of style  

You stand tall in all.

Your beauty is elegance

Your presentation to the world-

Is nothing less than dynamic, super fly

And in today’s words the young folks would say—

you my dear have swagger.


Reflections of your power,

Can be found in the success of your children

The brightness in the eyes and smiles of your grandchildren.

Because of you, I am Yetunde, sharing a birthday with your

Wonderful mother Irene Elvira Thornhill Jordan,

By my name, I am reminded—

Of the special link in the bloodline.

The tokens of knowledge you bestowed

Beneath the memories, you captured in photographs;

Cards preserved; travels around the world.

Your resilience is remarkable,

A young woman, clever, spicy with a sense

Of serious humor.

Always ready to break into a song

Or show off your moves on the dance floor,

The beats, carry your vehicle to express.

Voyaged to the United States

At 18 years of age from Panama

Desiring to make this place home.

You became home to many family members,

Who journeyed far,

With the same fire in their hearts and eyes for better.

We remember.


Your Spiciness, spunky and loving heart

Lead you to a love in Theodore Parker

Coupled, your love, joyful, fun, humorous ways—

Were infectious.

We remember.


Your commitment to your community

Love for church and God,

And your generosity is admirable

We embrace you,

We cherish you and we will always remember


Cheers to Auntie Rubie Parker,

That’s Rubie with an I.E not to be

Mistaken for “Y” there is no “why”

To be described you are

And always will be valued,

Cherished and loved.

For your spiciness, for your generosity  

For your love, for your dedication.


There is no better way to describe the matriarch

Of our family, other than---

A graceful, powerful and dignified woman

Today we celebrate you and your 90 years of grace.

Happy Birthday!

Love Always

Naima Yetunde Ince



NYI Features at the Queen's Speak Event Hosted by DS WILL

When a Queen speaks, everyone listens...including the Kings!

Happening June 30,2017

Spoken Souls, in conjunction with The Joy of Connecting People, is proud to present a momentous event like none other! On this special evening, Queens, from all walks and spaces of life, will display their eclectic array of artistic expression to the delight of all! Listen and experience, firsthand, the power of a Queen's speech!!

Featured Performances by
Wild Perfection & Banned Brooke

Special Guest Performances by
Ms.Dalia 22
Adrienne Butterfly Charleston
Queen Prophet Sage
the elusiveR.A.V.
Random Black Girl
Latoya Harris
Lypz The Poet

Also Joining us Will be The Women's Theatre Festival
Represented By:
Naima Yetunde Ince
Debra Kaufman
Seema Kukreja
Celeste Hinnant

A Special Appereance by
Kimberly M. Knight :Founder of The Lux Blog

Hosted by DS Will
Music Provided by The Smooth Sounds of Urban Silk!


Today I feel liberated. Freed from all restrictions and past transgressions. Choosing to focus on the now and open, with heart forward. This feeling makes me reflect on a poem from my newest book Ghost Load. Enjoy this excerpt from my 3rd publication! 

One in the Light

I stood one with the Sun! 
This morning rays seemed to raise the
Unsettled debris from my
where sweat, laid and tears
may be common with sweat
I out pour my over crowded
Over whelmed status
of a young woman, with
the world and a card board
at the same time. 
Sometimes, I wonder are thoughts ahead of me or behind me
Or even cursive on my forehead to give away transparency. 
I’m working overtime, 
mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
God’s just waiting for my consistency.
But lately
I been feeling disbarred from my own self. 
Making too many allowances
with not enough get back. 
From my payments. I mean repayment
Gotta see me on
the other side of the
unemployment line. 
Somehow, I stood one with the sun.
Though my soul is crying, my son is smiling and together we are gleaming as one with sun. 
I’m feeling like my light
is brighter than I feel currently.
That my blessings are between the universe
and me, 
I’m striding, gliding not folding because
I was kicked while down
I’m saying
I stood.
©2017.Naima Yetunde Ince. 

"Fresh Pressed Ink" #NYISPEAKS

Last Month March 17, 2017; I had the opportunity to have a book signing at SO & SO Book Store. The Event featured my third publication "Ghost Load" this collection of poetry has it all. Before poetry month comes to an end, I would like to share another excerpt from this remarkable collection of poetry. This collection is varied and will take a reader on a journey of thoughts and emotion. "Why I Write" is a poem that best describes this collection of poetry. 

Why I Write

I write
to feel my breath
hold hands with my heartbeat. 

I write
to finger my thoughts
through the lettering defining
the meaning of my deepest
writing to piece together the
depictions of stories that
remained buried
until I uncovered the filth

I write
to get closer to God.
Often when I speak
it’s not loud enough
I’m reaching for the depth in my soul
my reflective mirror to
Mother Nature’s scenery. 

I write
To insert hope into the layers of the universe, 
Causing hatred and injustices to dissipate,
when faced with the organization of my words. 

I write
Because real women write! 
Vulnerable to the blank slate
saying all that pains me
all I fear and finding space for love
in the slightest margin.

I write
keeping my voice alive
memories real. 
Recoding the spaces
left untouched.

I write
to strip the covers off of the truth
rhythmic words
those seem to hit the hearts core. 

I write
so my son can remember the soul of his momma
giving him a blueprint to hidden messages

I write
to remind myself of what it feels like to bleed
to remain a wrinkle in a ripple between lines 

I write
to refocus, center and calm the storm 

I write, I write, I write
as a dedication to change.

©2017 Naima Yetunde Ince.

"Butterflies" Excerpt from "Ghost Load"

His tamed beard swept the back of my neck.  

Each stroke felt like cotton strides against my soul my eyes darted,

as if to penetrate a hole in the wall  

my temperature boiling only because he craves the unknown

the desire to explore and extract glistening chunks

of my love, I fold in his touch and strong hold

he wraps hugs like heresy kisses and his lips match his sweetness

I do not want to journey him, I do not have strength, to embrace his hand as if;  

It’s the goal of a lifeline.  

I do not I wonder why butterflies flutter,  

or why people follow their heart  

or why the butterflies seem to have celebrations at your core?  

The butterflies, life span is short lived, this elated, euphoric, paradise, fantasy

of “love” is farfetched to a realistic materialization  

I do not, he is stretching for knowledge buried between my ribcage.

He is caressing the open sores and battle scares and desiring to be a nurse. He is, withstanding, my anger, my bitter sweetness, and out right meanness….

©2017.NYI.All Rights Reserved.

Autographed Copies Available for sale. Get yours today!

Script a line

Last week Friday was amazing as I celebrated Book 3. It truly was a wonderful time! 

Ghost Load and other titles are still available through this website. If you purchase here, your book will be delivered with an autograph enclosed by me! 

Have you seen the INDY from Last Week!?? What an amazing opportunity and honor to have been presented to the Raleigh Community by way of SO & SO Bookstore. I am very thankful to have been their feature artist, for a book signing of Book 3 "Ghost Load." 

I would like to mention that I do provide writing services, everything from proofreading & editing to content development, manuscript preparation and script editing and writing as well. Feel free to check out my services page and fill out the inquiry form. 

I look forward to working with you! 

Peace, love & Light