Excerpt-Ghost Load Second Edition


Often times we choke our existence from past experiences,

foreshadowing our future.

Premeditated expectations,

predetermined destinations off relinquished regrets;


Which end up falling short of what we expect

and Sun-denly we become humble.

I fumbled with the fragility of drifting virginity

and revisited my deceased Innocence when I Smiled at a grown face.

I puckered up too soon. Back tracking, laughter's barbie's and nail polishes

 they seemed to always show my colors.

I traveled the sea my mind formulated and realized;


I have always been open, yet closed off to risk that, resumed me the guilt seeker,

the enemy of your dreams

and I cradled, you're like the children we sacrificed for the sake beloved.

Your song scaled by the positioning of the stars

and at night I play Tic tact toe with midnight

wondering if I can code a new memory...

Recently, I bartered with turmoil and separation from father


I held the child inside of me and spoke strength to

her short legs and we turned the door knob together.

We found treasures, in the pockets of my father's

yearning eyes to hold his daughter. And kiss and hug her fears

for all he's done wrong.


And me the little girl grew older and forgave the pain keloids on our souls.

We dance and reminisced and promised to write a new story.


She, needed to be more than the innocent 7 she was the mature 70,

holding her father's sensitivity in the lines of her palms

and spoke so softly yet frankly knowing,

now had to be a change, today had to be yesterday.

Cause her tears streamed on her face and invisibly on

any man's chest that tried to hold, to love her,

cause all she wanted was for her father to care.


And now she created her own destiny in Love, family and unity.

Redefining a meaning standing up and believing,

not allowing our past to steer our future being forth right,

 comforted by the power of defeating cycles useless to progression.

I'm humble for the light and the breeze.

©2018.Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths. N.Y.I Productions LLC.

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