Meet The Team! Quentin, Naima & Cammel

Executive Film Director Quentin on the left. Company Photographer Cammel on the right. Founder-CEO Naima, front and center. Together we are a powerful force and team! They always find a way to keep the laughs rolling, a photo that captures how we find what we do exciting and oh so much fun!!! Purpose Driven. God's Plan.

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Naima's Guest Appearance- on Podcast Artist Soapbox

Naima's Guest Appearance- on Podcast Artist Soapbox

“Amazing original poetry pieces performed by Naima Ince-Griffiths open and close this episode! Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths is a performance poet, writer, and playwright; she produces and directs theatrical works and is the founder of NYI Productions. We talk about the evolution of her piece MEN ALWAYS LEAVE first written by Naima as a poem which she adapted into a play, then adapted into a soap opera series, and most recently into an accompanying soundtrack.” - Artist Soapbox

Music Artist-Naima Yetunde Ince-Shut The Door FT. Ethan Taylor

Naima stepped out on the limb of her creative instinct and collaborated with North Carolina R&B Singer Ethan Taylor for this incredibly smooth, soulful sound. Bringing back that 90's neo-soul vibe. This single speaks to romance and love. The inspiration being the Men Always Leave Story which has evolved in many different forms and continues to deliver. Before Men Always Leave was a stage play it was a poem. It is only right that at this time we have some music that continues to propel and amplify the root of a timeless tale. Shut The Door, is the first single for the Men Always Leave Soundtrack for the coming soon feature film. Check out the song here and on Spotify and all music streaming platforms! If you're in the North Carolina area, follow the link below and come hear this song live. 

Come out and see us LIVE! 

Come out and see us LIVE! 

Throwback to Poetry!

Throwback to Poetry! The limited edition is now down to TWO COPIES remaining. Thank you for those who support my work and I truly hope you enjoy the stories unfolded by each and every poem.

An Excerpt from Ghost Load-Second Edition: Yes, the story behind this is a whimsical freestyle, finding the areas where NO, can be just as powerful and necessary as YES.

Yes, rests on my tongue,
Locked behind pressed lips. 
No is easier,
No is harder,
No is colder than Alaska, Hotter than Mount Everest
No is thicker than fog,

I tried yes, and opened shells in your speech
I tried yes, held tight to fate, thinking the unchangeable
I tried yes, stared rejection in the face, fought tears
Cause crying leaves infected possibilities,

I tried yes, laughed, smiled, dreamed, grew,
Yes allowed me to travel, gave a bit more, and yet reserved enough for what if…
Laid naked, like shifted wheat, flaws and all,
Bared troubles on my sleeve and search gazed pupils for remembrance and security.

No made me a little stronger, and a lot weaker
No taught me what I do and don’t do
No, the young girl inside that often feels pain even when it’s not there
No is easier than yes, but hurts when right is deemed wrong out of fear,
No combats the heartbeat, that motions, only to one drum

Yes can be sweet like strawberry lollipops
Yes can be the embrace of innocence
Yes can be the smile of needing no words for completion
Yes can be the cording lines of gemology
Yes can be knowledge without explanation
Guess, I got to question less and live more
Yes, can be ever
No can be never
Maybe I’m the cause of the transformation of Ever to Never.

©2018. Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths.…/ghost-load-second-editon


Today I feel liberated. Freed from all restrictions and past transgressions. Choosing to focus on the now and open, with heart forward. This feeling makes me reflect on a poem from my newest book Ghost Load. Enjoy this excerpt from my 3rd publication! 

One in the Light

I stood one with the Sun! 
This morning rays seemed to raise the
Unsettled debris from my
where sweat, laid and tears
may be common with sweat
I out pour my over crowded
Over whelmed status
of a young woman, with
the world and a card board
at the same time. 
Sometimes, I wonder are thoughts ahead of me or behind me
Or even cursive on my forehead to give away transparency. 
I’m working overtime, 
mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
God’s just waiting for my consistency.
But lately
I been feeling disbarred from my own self. 
Making too many allowances
with not enough get back. 
From my payments. I mean repayment
Gotta see me on
the other side of the
unemployment line. 
Somehow, I stood one with the sun.
Though my soul is crying, my son is smiling and together we are gleaming as one with sun. 
I’m feeling like my light
is brighter than I feel currently.
That my blessings are between the universe
and me, 
I’m striding, gliding not folding because
I was kicked while down
I’m saying
I stood.
©2017.Naima Yetunde Ince. 

"Fresh Pressed Ink" #NYISPEAKS

Last Month March 17, 2017; I had the opportunity to have a book signing at SO & SO Book Store. The Event featured my third publication "Ghost Load" this collection of poetry has it all. Before poetry month comes to an end, I would like to share another excerpt from this remarkable collection of poetry. This collection is varied and will take a reader on a journey of thoughts and emotion. "Why I Write" is a poem that best describes this collection of poetry. 

Why I Write

I write
to feel my breath
hold hands with my heartbeat. 

I write
to finger my thoughts
through the lettering defining
the meaning of my deepest
writing to piece together the
depictions of stories that
remained buried
until I uncovered the filth

I write
to get closer to God.
Often when I speak
it’s not loud enough
I’m reaching for the depth in my soul
my reflective mirror to
Mother Nature’s scenery. 

I write
To insert hope into the layers of the universe, 
Causing hatred and injustices to dissipate,
when faced with the organization of my words. 

I write
Because real women write! 
Vulnerable to the blank slate
saying all that pains me
all I fear and finding space for love
in the slightest margin.

I write
keeping my voice alive
memories real. 
Recoding the spaces
left untouched.

I write
to strip the covers off of the truth
rhythmic words
those seem to hit the hearts core. 

I write
so my son can remember the soul of his momma
giving him a blueprint to hidden messages

I write
to remind myself of what it feels like to bleed
to remain a wrinkle in a ripple between lines 

I write
to refocus, center and calm the storm 

I write, I write, I write
as a dedication to change.

©2017 Naima Yetunde Ince.