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Two of the books in this collection are out of print! Ghost Load-Limited and I Hate Men are both out of print; this bundle also includes Men Always Leave-One act Stage Play order today and get your autographed copy. 

Excerpt-I Hate Men

Temptation crawled the hairs standing at the nape of chilled necks. 

Indulged in spread legs and pushed pipe inside.

The breaking water of “Love” that inked sheets.

They basked in the stench of lust;

Attached likeness to “love” instantly.

Excerpt-Men Always Leave-One Act Stage Play

I have completed circles around the universe and back 

Venus and Mars hold my secrets.

I am me when I am there, I am free when I am there. 

Excerpt-Ghost Load Limited-

Now the silence creeps into my bed,
Sleeps with me recklessly.
Echoing sounds, from his voice box through the phone...
It seems like words... But I'm tip toeing on the,
midnight blues sky, with stiletto heels.

©2018. Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths. NYI Productions LLC. 

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