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Special Performance-SINGLE RELEASE

New Music from Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths
The New Single-🎶Shut The Door🎶 Inspired by the Men Always Leave Story a collaboration with R&B Singer, Carolina Music Awards Nominee Ethan Taylor We bringingthe heat . 


Hear it first at The Book Signing & Art Event! Shut The Door Inspired by the Men Always Leave Story a collaboration with R&B Singer, Carolina Music Awards Nominee @ethantaylornc We bringing the heat. 

'CASTLE DOORS' Cover Art provided by  Tara Henry. 
The story of how all of this came about is purely by inspiration. The artwork provided by Tara Henry was inspired by the book and stage play Men Always Leave and it was perfect representation of this single which is inspired by the Men Always Leave story. It continues to evolve and be stretched to new heights. Tara Henry is the owner of Authors and Art Studio and Founder of Pedagogy Art. We are so thankful to her for this special piece and to EVERYONE involved to make the vision a reality.

Hear 'Shut the Door' live for the first time! 06.23.18 at Authors and Art Studio; 4pm-7pm.

Wine & Paint...But Better!!! Reserve your seat to paint ‘Castle Doors’ by Tara Henry which is now the cover art for the new single. ONLY exclusively during the N.Y.I Productions Book Signing and Art Event Fundraiser and receive an extra raffle ticket. 06.23.18 4pm-7pm

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Hear it Live


Shut The Door Cover Art .jpg

Single Cover Art 

By: Tara Henry 

Throwback to Poetry!

Throwback to Poetry! The limited edition is now down to TWO COPIES remaining. Thank you for those who support my work and I truly hope you enjoy the stories unfolded by each and every poem.

An Excerpt from Ghost Load-Second Edition: Yes, the story behind this is a whimsical freestyle, finding the areas where NO, can be just as powerful and necessary as YES.

Yes, rests on my tongue,
Locked behind pressed lips. 
No is easier,
No is harder,
No is colder than Alaska, Hotter than Mount Everest
No is thicker than fog,

I tried yes, and opened shells in your speech
I tried yes, held tight to fate, thinking the unchangeable
I tried yes, stared rejection in the face, fought tears
Cause crying leaves infected possibilities,

I tried yes, laughed, smiled, dreamed, grew,
Yes allowed me to travel, gave a bit more, and yet reserved enough for what if…
Laid naked, like shifted wheat, flaws and all,
Bared troubles on my sleeve and search gazed pupils for remembrance and security.

No made me a little stronger, and a lot weaker
No taught me what I do and don’t do
No, the young girl inside that often feels pain even when it’s not there
No is easier than yes, but hurts when right is deemed wrong out of fear,
No combats the heartbeat, that motions, only to one drum

Yes can be sweet like strawberry lollipops
Yes can be the embrace of innocence
Yes can be the smile of needing no words for completion
Yes can be the cording lines of gemology
Yes can be knowledge without explanation
Guess, I got to question less and live more
Yes, can be ever
No can be never
Maybe I’m the cause of the transformation of Ever to Never.

©2018. Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths.


Excerpt-Ghost Load Second Edition

Excerpt-Ghost Load Second Edition

Ghost Load-Second Edition. Pre-order your autographed copy today! 

"Often times we choke our existence from past experiences,

foreshadowing our future.

Premeditated expectations,

predetermined destinations off relinquished regrets..." 

Book 4 By: Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths 


Celebrating Women's History Month!

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Books by Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths

The Limited Edition-Ghost Load, a collection of poetry is officially out of print. We have a limited amount in stock on sale for $10.00. 

I Hate Men- Poetic Graphic Novel, is officially out of print. We have a limited amount in stock on sale for $10.00. 

Naima, will be releasing the Second Edition of Ghost Load Mid March! 

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More Goodness!!! Theater Cafe- Women of Color: Powerful Playwrights

Discussion is lead by Naima Yetunde Ince Griffiths
Joining her are panelists Carol Torian and Adrienne Pender
March 6, 2018
7:00 PM

The Cary Theater: 122 E. Chatham Street, Cary NC 27511

Free admission at the door starting at 6:30 p.m