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Cary Players-Audition Notice-Men Always Leave


Audition Notice!
Cary Players, in association with N.Y.I. Productions LLC will hold auditions on Wednesday, December 19th at 6:30 pm in the Cary Arts Center Studio M-50 for actors to play the role of Hakeem, a 9-yr. old African-American boy, in the production of Men Always Leave. Please bring a short monologue or poem to read. The director will have sides from the script for you to read at the audition.

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Meet The Team! Quentin, Naima & Cammel

Executive Film Director Quentin on the left. Company Photographer Cammel on the right. Founder-CEO Naima, front and center. Together we are a powerful force and team! They always find a way to keep the laughs rolling, a photo that captures how we find what we do exciting and oh so much fun!!! Purpose Driven. God's Plan.

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Shut The Door Music Video-By: Naima Yetunde Ince Ft. Ethan Taylor

🔥🔥🔥Shut The Door Music Video📽🎬 Shut The Door- A song by Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths Ft. Ethan Taylor. A romance jam of the highs and lows of love. This groove is similar to an old 90's neo-soul jam. This video takes place during a couples paint party at Authors And Art Studio, Raleigh North Carolina.

Tickets ON SALE-Men Always Leave Stage Play

The Stage play is listed on the Triangle Friends of African American Arts website. Tickets are available to purchase now for the show! Additionally, Naima will be presenting as a playwright for the African American Theatre Preview happening January 2019!

More information on that to come.

Hope to see you at the theater!

Produced by Cary Players Community Theatre Company

In Association with N.Y.I Productions LLC

Partnered by: QHFILMS & Cammel's Photography

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Shut The Door Teaser!!!

Come out to the Open Mic & Music Video Release Party this Friday!!! September 28th and catch the EXCLUSIVE. World Wide Release to be Announced after Friday September 28th! Register with us by: September 27th!!

Shut The Door-Teaser Video

Naima's Guest Appearance- on Podcast Artist Soapbox

Naima's Guest Appearance- on Podcast Artist Soapbox

“Amazing original poetry pieces performed by Naima Ince-Griffiths open and close this episode! Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths is a performance poet, writer, and playwright; she produces and directs theatrical works and is the founder of NYI Productions. We talk about the evolution of her piece MEN ALWAYS LEAVE first written by Naima as a poem which she adapted into a play, then adapted into a soap opera series, and most recently into an accompanying soundtrack.” - Artist Soapbox

Music Artist-Naima Yetunde Ince-Shut The Door FT. Ethan Taylor

Naima stepped out on the limb of her creative instinct and collaborated with North Carolina R&B Singer Ethan Taylor for this incredibly smooth, soulful sound. Bringing back that 90's neo-soul vibe. This single speaks to romance and love. The inspiration being the Men Always Leave Story which has evolved in many different forms and continues to deliver. Before Men Always Leave was a stage play it was a poem. It is only right that at this time we have some music that continues to propel and amplify the root of a timeless tale. Shut The Door, is the first single for the Men Always Leave Soundtrack for the coming soon feature film. Check out the song here and on Spotify and all music streaming platforms! If you're in the North Carolina area, follow the link below and come hear this song live. 

Come out and see us LIVE! 

Come out and see us LIVE! 

Throwback to Poetry!

Throwback to Poetry! The limited edition is now down to TWO COPIES remaining. Thank you for those who support my work and I truly hope you enjoy the stories unfolded by each and every poem.

An Excerpt from Ghost Load-Second Edition: Yes, the story behind this is a whimsical freestyle, finding the areas where NO, can be just as powerful and necessary as YES.

Yes, rests on my tongue,
Locked behind pressed lips. 
No is easier,
No is harder,
No is colder than Alaska, Hotter than Mount Everest
No is thicker than fog,

I tried yes, and opened shells in your speech
I tried yes, held tight to fate, thinking the unchangeable
I tried yes, stared rejection in the face, fought tears
Cause crying leaves infected possibilities,

I tried yes, laughed, smiled, dreamed, grew,
Yes allowed me to travel, gave a bit more, and yet reserved enough for what if…
Laid naked, like shifted wheat, flaws and all,
Bared troubles on my sleeve and search gazed pupils for remembrance and security.

No made me a little stronger, and a lot weaker
No taught me what I do and don’t do
No, the young girl inside that often feels pain even when it’s not there
No is easier than yes, but hurts when right is deemed wrong out of fear,
No combats the heartbeat, that motions, only to one drum

Yes can be sweet like strawberry lollipops
Yes can be the embrace of innocence
Yes can be the smile of needing no words for completion
Yes can be the cording lines of gemology
Yes can be knowledge without explanation
Guess, I got to question less and live more
Yes, can be ever
No can be never
Maybe I’m the cause of the transformation of Ever to Never.

©2018. Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths.…/ghost-load-second-editon

NYI Speaks Talk Show Series

Writer, director Naima Yetunde Ince, interviews 5 women. The discussion is centered around her new play, inspired by a conversation with her mother.  Conversations are so much better when they are openly raw. These women are bold, fierce, warriors and more. They are unique and beautiful and motivated by the yearn for more conversations that delve past the surface. Queens are born in many different shapes sizes and hues and they all speak the same human language. 

Cry, Pray and Put On Lipstick is the new full length stage play “NYI” is currently crafting. She discusses how rewarding and empowering the interviews have been in aiding the development of this phenomenal stage play centered around the lives of 4 women. She gives some insight into her writing process and journey as a writer director. 

The docuseries kicked off this past Sunday March 18, 2018. Tune in every Sunday for the next 4 weeks to hear the powerful discussions with host Naima Yetunde Ince.

Watch episode one, now on youtube and facebook.

Tune in next Sunday March 25, 2018 for episode 2. 

N.Y.I Productions LLC film series number 2!

BTS Photos provided by: Partner,Photographer Cammel Hurse at N.Y.I Productions LLC and Cammel's Photography

Celeste Hinnant on the NYI Speaks Show-Ep.1

Celeste Hinnant on the NYI Speaks Show-Ep.1

Seema Kukreja on the NYI Speaks Show-Ep.2

Seema Kukreja on the NYI Speaks Show-Ep.2

Deloris Williams on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.3

Deloris Williams on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.3

NeTasha Miller on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.4

NeTasha Miller on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.4

Jeannine Sato on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.5

Jeannine Sato on the NYI Speaks Show-EP.5

Host, Writer, Director, CEO-Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths-NYI Speaks Series at N.Y.I Productions LLC

Host, Writer, Director, CEO-Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths-NYI Speaks Series at N.Y.I Productions LLC

Partner, Director of Photography, Editor-Quentin J. Hammonds at N.Y.I Productions LLC and QHFILMS

Partner, Director of Photography, Editor-Quentin J. Hammonds at N.Y.I Productions LLC and QHFILMS

Excerpt-Ghost Load Second Edition

Excerpt-Ghost Load Second Edition

Ghost Load-Second Edition. Pre-order your autographed copy today! 

"Often times we choke our existence from past experiences,

foreshadowing our future.

Premeditated expectations,

predetermined destinations off relinquished regrets..." 

Book 4 By: Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths 


A Little Holiday Drama Now AVAILABLE

Men Always Leave
Now Available! 

Men Always Leave-Pilot Ep.1-Maya's Secret

The heavily anticipated limited series drama; inspired by the book Men Always Leave is now available on youtube and facebook.

Facebook Fan Page-


Introducing the ensemble cast!
Starring Tiffany Hayes
Starring Celeste Hinnant
Starring Chanda Branch
Starring Seth Schenall from-season two of Donald Glover's Atlanta
Starring JaJuan Cofield
Starring Joshua Henderson
Starring Naima Yetunde Ince

December 14, 2017 N.Y.I Productions & QHFILMS Collaborated with Royal Cheesecakes and Varieties for the Dessert and Wine Preview Screening of the pilot ep.1-Maya's Secret. 

New Limited Series Drama

N.Y.I Productions- Film, Theater & Entertainment LLC


Men Always Leave Trailer

Limited-Series Drama. The pilot episode: A young woman is harboring an unspeakable secret, she does her best to keep it that way. Her first love is keeping secrets of his own which becomes a threat to their future.

N.Y.I Productions entertainment company, taking strides at producing its first limited series. The series evolved from an original published one act stage play to a 13 episode              limited-series, production continues with our partners Qhfilms & Cammel's Photography. 
Introducing Men Always Leave a Limited-Series Drama-Pilot set for it's world premier December 22, 2017. 

Stay tuned to follow the productions progress and NYI's latest developments.