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Women of Color Playwrights


It is no coincidence that Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths would focus on Women of Color: Powerful Playwrights for Cary’s Art Centers, Theatre Cafe during the month of Women’s History Month, which happens to follow Black History Month.   

Being a woman playwright is no easy task.  We have all heard the alarming statistics provided by “The Count” on the Dramatist Guild website.  Women playwrights only get produced 22% of the time, and then, there’s the even more despairing percentage of women of color playwrights who get produced 3% of the time.  So, to be a woman playwright, you definitely have to get up some gumption if you want to be heard.

To our credit, gumption is something women of color are born with. The word “no” is often given to us before the question is even asked, so if women of color want to have any influence, we have to move with a certain force.   That kind of effective power is evident in the following playwrights: Carol Torian, Adrienne Pender & Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths