A Tribute to Queen Rubie Parker

This was written in celebration of my Great Auntie Rubie Parker. This pass Friday she has transition to be with the Almighty God. This past April she celebrated 90 years of Life. Here is how I expressed a true tribute to her and her life. She meant the world to our family. 

Enjoy reading this poem by me, which best describes how truly special and dynamic she truly was. 

Celebrating Your 90 Years

90 years of Grace

The most beautiful way

This word holds Power

Coupled with dignified

The four words combined,

Powerful, graceful, dignified woman

Is the best way to identify-

The matriarch of Our family. Rubie Parker.

Rubie with an I.E “not” to be mistaken for y

There is no “why” to be described

Your greatness,

Your value to-this realm of life.

You have blessed many,

Loved by all, humbled by your journey.

I am honored to be amongst your blood

We all gather here, on this day to celebrate

Your life, and honor your name, you are surrounded

By the power, your grace introduced to the very fabric

Of spanning generations, we call you

momma, sister, auntie, friend, wife and-

many other hats you wear to match-

your reflective choice of style  

You stand tall in all.

Your beauty is elegance

Your presentation to the world-

Is nothing less than dynamic, super fly

And in today’s words the young folks would say—

you my dear have swagger.


Reflections of your power,

Can be found in the success of your children

The brightness in the eyes and smiles of your grandchildren.

Because of you, I am Yetunde, sharing a birthday with your

Wonderful mother Irene Elvira Thornhill Jordan,

By my name, I am reminded—

Of the special link in the bloodline.

The tokens of knowledge you bestowed

Beneath the memories, you captured in photographs;

Cards preserved; travels around the world.

Your resilience is remarkable,

A young woman, clever, spicy with a sense

Of serious humor.

Always ready to break into a song

Or show off your moves on the dance floor,

The beats, carry your vehicle to express.

Voyaged to the United States

At 18 years of age from Panama

Desiring to make this place home.

You became home to many family members,

Who journeyed far,

With the same fire in their hearts and eyes for better.

We remember.


Your Spiciness, spunky and loving heart

Lead you to a love in Theodore Parker

Coupled, your love, joyful, fun, humorous ways—

Were infectious.

We remember.


Your commitment to your community

Love for church and God,

And your generosity is admirable

We embrace you,

We cherish you and we will always remember


Cheers to Auntie Rubie Parker,

That’s Rubie with an I.E not to be

Mistaken for “Y” there is no “why”

To be described you are

And always will be valued,

Cherished and loved.

For your spiciness, for your generosity  

For your love, for your dedication.


There is no better way to describe the matriarch

Of our family, other than---

A graceful, powerful and dignified woman

Today we celebrate you and your 90 years of grace.

Happy Birthday!

Love Always

Naima Yetunde Ince