Today I feel liberated. Freed from all restrictions and past transgressions. Choosing to focus on the now and open, with heart forward. This feeling makes me reflect on a poem from my newest book Ghost Load. Enjoy this excerpt from my 3rd publication! 

One in the Light

I stood one with the Sun! 
This morning rays seemed to raise the
Unsettled debris from my
where sweat, laid and tears
may be common with sweat
I out pour my over crowded
Over whelmed status
of a young woman, with
the world and a card board
at the same time. 
Sometimes, I wonder are thoughts ahead of me or behind me
Or even cursive on my forehead to give away transparency. 
I’m working overtime, 
mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
God’s just waiting for my consistency.
But lately
I been feeling disbarred from my own self. 
Making too many allowances
with not enough get back. 
From my payments. I mean repayment
Gotta see me on
the other side of the
unemployment line. 
Somehow, I stood one with the sun.
Though my soul is crying, my son is smiling and together we are gleaming as one with sun. 
I’m feeling like my light
is brighter than I feel currently.
That my blessings are between the universe
and me, 
I’m striding, gliding not folding because
I was kicked while down
I’m saying
I stood.
©2017.Naima Yetunde Ince.