Loving Momma #NYISPEAKS

Mother’s Day is approaching and it is time to love on momma.

Reflections of my mother always fills my heart with so much joy! Our relationship is incredibly special! I see daily how her inspiration moves me to be a great mother as well.

In my most recent book Ghost Load, I wrote a very special poem called backbone.

In honor of Mother’s Day I hope you all enjoy this excerpt.

To trace the notches linking
The line to form a spine
Steal amounts to the courage and wisdom
She trails in footsteps matched with the stench
Of grace spewing from behind…
I find the sublime peace in memories of her touch, 
The beauty in her words even when they are sharp
Mirroring that of nails her strength is unmatchable. 
The peace she finds in her inner being. 
The kindness, 
And love matched with the Lord, I’m blessed;
To have such a wonderful fortress to call momma, 
Catching the laughter, we left in patches, 
Finding ways to remember her spirit in the realm of my daily chaos
I cannot imagine the universe without her presence, 
We press on and sometimes, forget to reflect to acknowledge
Where we’ve been birthed, where the cradle meets the hand. 
Caressed tears from damp skin or hug where the unseen
Has been shattered. 
I’m tailored the right way, 
wired as such, 
so, the backbone I harbor
Must come from her…
I have been through the trails that only some
May empathize and most
don’t care to; 
but for this I care not. 
I have been molded
and raised with the best
woman I know. 
God I ask that you continue to protect us both.
Be with me, and be with my momma, 
I cannot imagine this universe without the backbone
That so eloquently matches mine. ©2017.NYI