"Fresh Pressed Ink" #NYISPEAKS

Last Month March 17, 2017; I had the opportunity to have a book signing at SO & SO Book Store. The Event featured my third publication "Ghost Load" this collection of poetry has it all. Before poetry month comes to an end, I would like to share another excerpt from this remarkable collection of poetry. This collection is varied and will take a reader on a journey of thoughts and emotion. "Why I Write" is a poem that best describes this collection of poetry. 

Why I Write

I write
to feel my breath
hold hands with my heartbeat. 

I write
to finger my thoughts
through the lettering defining
the meaning of my deepest
writing to piece together the
depictions of stories that
remained buried
until I uncovered the filth

I write
to get closer to God.
Often when I speak
it’s not loud enough
I’m reaching for the depth in my soul
my reflective mirror to
Mother Nature’s scenery. 

I write
To insert hope into the layers of the universe, 
Causing hatred and injustices to dissipate,
when faced with the organization of my words. 

I write
Because real women write! 
Vulnerable to the blank slate
saying all that pains me
all I fear and finding space for love
in the slightest margin.

I write
keeping my voice alive
memories real. 
Recoding the spaces
left untouched.

I write
to strip the covers off of the truth
rhythmic words
those seem to hit the hearts core. 

I write
so my son can remember the soul of his momma
giving him a blueprint to hidden messages

I write
to remind myself of what it feels like to bleed
to remain a wrinkle in a ripple between lines 

I write
to refocus, center and calm the storm 

I write, I write, I write
as a dedication to change.

©2017 Naima Yetunde Ince.