A Woman’s Lounge (A Poem From Book 3) Limited Edition "Ghost Load"

I've held precious jewels in unseen crevices.

Listened to a blue jay

in the middle of

summer heat.

Let the fabric of my dress flow freely

between my thighs.

Plopped down on the deep green grass

with trees hovering

over me.


I tailored the sway

in my walk

for unknown on lookers,

brushed up my speech

and used rose blush to enhance

my natural features


I've buried my head in my hands

when low and picked up knowledge

in huge binding books

with jarring words.

I walked a path and cradled

my dreams in designer visions

stroked the inside of a deep scar

only touched by emotion.


Carefully drew from whatever blood

that ran through me

connecting to my mama's truths

and the footsteps of my elders.


Hollered for God,

bellowed for the ancestors,

I fell down on my knees on

broken, slated concrete.

I've been examined,

ridiculed and downright torn apart,

gave my jewels

away for unpromising love.




I'm a warrior with several hats to wear,

my shoes are assorted

but they all, are just my size.

I have traveled, with so far to go.

But these words prove.

I am woman. Everybody knows! 


©2017 All Rights Reserved. Naima Yetunde Ince.