Tangled Like Silly String Over You

Wrapped, entangled in key substances to loving you
Harvesting chips of you
As if to have a reserve to keep me nourished, 
Sipping from your words to keep me hydrated in everything that is you, I am resting on everlasting. 

Ever pleasurable, ever patient, ever gentle, 
Kind to the sublime, your love has been
Gifted by the highest, I am grateful to
Receive it and reserve it, for rough times. 
Bottling it up deep inside, your love is like
Velvet to my soul, 

Greeting me in the morning, 
Kissing my golden-brown skin
Existing in places, no other can. 
Enveloped by your key notes, pacing the rhythms in
Your breath along with the beats of our hearts, 
Synced, as if a perfect design for a match.  

I love the language we speak in silence
Swept in the steady breath, listening
To the lines unspoken with our hearts
The next words we utter would be in unison
Then laugh, and jokingly state “get out of my head.” 

Instantly, in that moment between the last word uttered
And the short silence thereafter, we both agree there is no place better than where we are. 

©Naima Yetunde Ince. All Rights Reserved. 02/14/2017.