Cary Players-Audition Notice-Men Always Leave


Audition Notice!
Cary Players, in association with N.Y.I. Productions LLC will hold auditions on Wednesday, December 19th at 6:30 pm in the Cary Arts Center Studio M-50 for actors to play the role of Hakeem, a 9-yr. old African-American boy, in the production of Men Always Leave. Please bring a short monologue or poem to read. The director will have sides from the script for you to read at the audition.

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Meet The Team! Quentin, Naima & Cammel

Executive Director Quentin on the left. Company Photographer Cammel on the right. Founder-CEO Naima, front and center. Together we are a powerful force and team! They always find a way to keep the laughs rolling, a photo that captures how we find what we do exciting and oh so much fun!!! Purpose Driven. God's Plan.

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Shut The Door Music Video-By: Naima Yetunde Ince Ft. Ethan Taylor

🔥🔥🔥Shut The Door Music Video📽🎬 Shut The Door- A song by Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths Ft. Ethan Taylor. A romance jam of the highs and lows of love. This groove is similar to an old 90's neo-soul jam. This video takes place during a couples paint party at Authors And Art Studio, Raleigh North Carolina.

Tickets ON SALE-Men Always Leave Stage Play

The Stage play is listed on the Triangle Friends of African American Arts website. Tickets are available to purchase now for the show! Additionally, Naima will be presenting as a playwright for the African American Theatre Preview happening January 2019!

More information on that to come.

Hope to see you at the theater!

Produced by Cary Players Community Theatre Company

In Association with N.Y.I Productions LLC

Partnered by: QHFILMS & Cammel's Photography

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Shut The Door Teaser!!!

Come out to the Open Mic & Music Video Release Party this Friday!!! September 28th and catch the EXCLUSIVE. World Wide Release to be Announced after Friday September 28th! Register with us by: September 27th!!

Shut The Door-Teaser Video

Naima's Guest Appearance- on Podcast Artist Soapbox

Naima's Guest Appearance- on Podcast Artist Soapbox

“Amazing original poetry pieces performed by Naima Ince-Griffiths open and close this episode! Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths is a performance poet, writer, and playwright; she produces and directs theatrical works and is the founder of NYI Productions. We talk about the evolution of her piece MEN ALWAYS LEAVE first written by Naima as a poem which she adapted into a play, then adapted into a soap opera series, and most recently into an accompanying soundtrack.” - Artist Soapbox

Music Artist-Naima Yetunde Ince-Shut The Door FT. Ethan Taylor

Naima stepped out on the limb of her creative instinct and collaborated with North Carolina R&B Singer Ethan Taylor for this incredibly smooth, soulful sound. Bringing back that 90's neo-soul vibe. This single speaks to romance and love. The inspiration being the Men Always Leave Story which has evolved in many different forms and continues to deliver. Before Men Always Leave was a stage play it was a poem. It is only right that at this time we have some music that continues to propel and amplify the root of a timeless tale. Shut The Door, is the first single for the Men Always Leave Soundtrack for the coming soon feature film. Check out the song here and on Spotify and all music streaming platforms! If you're in the North Carolina area, follow the link below and come hear this song live. 

Come out and see us LIVE! 

Come out and see us LIVE! 

Special Performance-SINGLE RELEASE

New Music from Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths
The New Single-🎶Shut The Door🎶 Inspired by the Men Always Leave Story a collaboration with R&B Singer, Carolina Music Awards Nominee Ethan Taylor We bringingthe heat .…/shut-the-door-mix1-bnc

Hear it first at The Book Signing & Art Event! Shut The Door Inspired by the Men Always Leave Story a collaboration with R&B Singer, Carolina Music Awards Nominee @ethantaylornc We bringing the heat. 

'CASTLE DOORS' Cover Art provided by  Tara Henry. 
The story of how all of this came about is purely by inspiration. The artwork provided by Tara Henry was inspired by the book and stage play Men Always Leave and it was perfect representation of this single which is inspired by the Men Always Leave story. It continues to evolve and be stretched to new heights. Tara Henry is the owner of Authors and Art Studio and Founder of Pedagogy Art. We are so thankful to her for this special piece and to EVERYONE involved to make the vision a reality.

Hear 'Shut the Door' live for the first time! 06.23.18 at Authors and Art Studio; 4pm-7pm.

Wine & Paint...But Better!!! Reserve your seat to paint ‘Castle Doors’ by Tara Henry which is now the cover art for the new single. ONLY exclusively during the N.Y.I Productions Book Signing and Art Event Fundraiser and receive an extra raffle ticket. 06.23.18 4pm-7pm

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Hear it Live


Shut The Door Cover Art .jpg

Single Cover Art 

By: Tara Henry 

Book Signing & Art-June 23

We are less than a month Away!

  • Let us know you're attending

  • pre-purchase your book copy and get it signed at the event

  • reserve your seat to paint!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon. This will be one exciting, one of a kind event; presented by N.Y.I Productions LLC in collaboration with Authors and Art Studios. 


Book Signing & Art

Let us know, your coming! 


Reserve your copy! 

Books will be limited. Pre-purchase today! 



Here is your chance to color outside of the lines. Reserve your seat to paint your version of 'Castle Doors' Inspired by the Book- "Men Always Leave" Reserve your seat to paint. 

A Blog For Blog! Women of Color Playwrights: Women's Theater Festival

A Blog For Blog! Women of Color Playwrights: Women's Theater Festival


Women of Color Playwrights-Article by Alike Vail

Excerpt-Being a woman playwright is no easy task.  We have all heard the alarming statistics provided by “The Count” on the Dramatist Guild website.  Women playwrights only get produced 22% of the time, and then, there’s the even more despairing percentage of women of color playwrights who get produced 3% of the time.  So, to be a woman playwright, you definitely have to get up some gumption if you want to be heard.