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These are adult courses and programs. Submit inquiry to to inquire about grade level courses. 

Improv- Theater Workshop-(intensive available-usually offered as a one time class)

Improvisational acting allows for the imagination to be free to explore ideas, while forming unscripted dialogue. Participants draw from the moment, the space and from key themes provided by the instructor. This technique sparks spontaneity, improv teaches you to think quickly and sharpens your ability to read others in the space as you play. Props are not required though they can be provided. The idea is to encourage participants to step outside of their comfort zone and let their imaginations and creativity run free. This course is available for all levels of experience, beginner to advanced.

CRAVE- Theater Workshop- 8 Week Intensive

This is a triple threat module combining expressive art forms acting, creative writing and music. Theater is a creative, expressive, transforming art form. Crave is designed to build confidence, explore self-expression and empowerment. This is a triple threat module combining the expressive art forms of acting, creative writing and music. Approaching theater and performance as a blended and enriching experience.  Students can expect to explore a variety of acting techniques which encourages the collective. 

Adapting Text for Theater Performance-Writing Course-    8 Week Intensive

Re-imagining a piece of literature for theater can be an inspiring experience. The intention of this course is for anyone interested in writing stage plays or want to explore more creative forms of writing. Adapting text is the transition from the original piece to a unique reinterpretation of the literary works examined.  Students will learn to condense the material, explore characters and facts from original text and transform it into something brand new. Students will be encouraged to find their own voice in the adaptation process and utilize the original piece as a guide for a breakthrough of a new masterpiece. 

SPEAK-Poetry Workshop- Poetry & Performance-               8 Week Intensive

SPEAK is an innovative workshop, utilizing literary poetry as a foundation, to developing spoken word poetry. This course is designed to build confidence, eliminate fear of speaking in public and define stage presence and performance technique.  In this course students will explore many forms of poetry including hip-hop, jazzy poetry, prose and more. students will be encouraged to lift the words off the page, into a stage performance. As a class students will be encouraged to find their writing style, preferred genres and performance style.   

Courses provided are available for all levels-Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Please submit email to to inquire about grade level courses. 

Each of these courses can be provided as a one time event, which are introductory course workshops. If you're interested in course availability or hosting a N.Y.I Productions Intensive. Please send an email with your inquiry to